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dinglong huang

Dinglong Huang

Co-Founder and CEO, Malong Technologies

Dr. Dinglong Huang is the Co-founder and CEO of Malong Technologies, and PhD in Human-Computer Interaction at Tsinghua University. He previously held roles as researcher, product manager, director and vice president at Google, Microsoft, Tencent and TripAdvisor. In 2014, he co-founded Malong Technologies. He came first in the Top 10 Makers in Shenzhen with the highest total score, and in 2017, he was awarded “Youth Medal” by China government and “Young Elite” Award by China Computer Federation.

Malong Technologies is on a mission to help traditional industries transform with AI to achieve higher efficiency, quality and safety, by creating machines that can "see" physical objects such as products -- just like a person can. Malong’s world-class R&D team performs award-winning scientific research in deep learning and computer vision, and makes the technology available to any business via ProductAI® -- affordable, accurate and secure cloud-based cognitive services & embedded systems.

Malong solved a key problem that exists with AI today: the dependency on high-quality human annotated data. Malong invented a new way to enable “weakly-supervised” deep learning – and therefore has advantages in speed, cost and accuracy. Key use cases include billion-scale learning from the web and inconsistently labelled product-related images. As proof, Malong won many innovation awards in China and worldwide, including Microsoft Azure Hackathon, Amazon AWS Hackathon, and was recognised the Best Popularity Award by Microsoft Accelerator and Global Cool Demo Award of NVIDIA. In August 2017, they won the first place in Google’s WebVision Global Image Recognition Challenge.

Huang Dinglong will speak in Session titled “The Digital Age”.

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