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Size doesn’t matter – New Zealand PM talks tough on climate change

New Zealand’s dynamic recently elected Prime Minister, Ms Jacinda Adern, did not waste a moment in launching into a strong call for governments and business to work hand in hand in tackling climate change. “Climate change is the greatest challenge in the world”, Prime Minister Adern stressed.

“Government and business need to work together in partnership to get our economic settings to help us transition to a low carbon future. It means structurally reforming our economies to drive changes,” the PM said.

“Our size or contribution to climate change does not matter regarding our global responsibility. We all have a role to play, regardless of our size.”

She singled out “fossil fuel subsidies” which total billions of dollars globally. “The subsidies encourage waste … we must phase them out. (Instead) We must incentivise investment in new technologies.”

Speaking moments before the arrival of her Australian counterpart, Prime Minister MalcolmTurnbull arrived at the CEO Summit, Ms Adern issued a blunt call to arms: “Climate change is real and happening now … my challenge to you all is to join us and leave us with a legacy we can all be proud of.”

Ms Adern continued: “We need to take the politics out of climate change because we need to create certainty for business.”

PM Adern pointed to the actual ongoing threat to human security faced by low lying Pacific nations. Ms Adern said: “In the Pacific we need to be advocates and activists. For example, already villages are getting flooded due to rising sea levels. They don’t need us to just stand on the stage and talk, they need us to take action.”

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