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facebook boss encourages girls in stem studies Facebook boss encourages girls in STEM studies

Facebook Chief Operating Officer, Ms Sheryl Sanberg, lamented the fact that even in Silicon Valley there remained a shortage of women in the field of computer sciences.

topic of climate change emerges at apec summit Topic of Climate Change emerges at APEC Summit

The virtual cooperation between governments and businesses is raised when, H.E. Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, reminded people of the threat of climate change.

size doesnt matter new zealand pm talks tough on climate change Size doesn’t matter – New Zealand PM talks tough on climate change

New Zealand’s dynamic recently elected Prime Minister, Ms Jacinda Adern, did not waste a moment in launching into a strong call for governments and business to work hand in hand in tackling climate change. “Climate ...

digitization big data and the products of the world Digitization, Big Data, and the products of the world

Vice President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Mr. Diwakar Gupta, believed that the phrase ‘Made in the World’ is correctly used to explain the current global production chains. Under the force of globalization and ...

cyber security concerns amidst the force of digitalization Cyber security concerns amidst the force of digitalization

In the world of increasing digitalization, AI will blend itself in almost every corner of our society, Mr. Huang Dinglong, CEO of Malong, stressed.

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