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thai huong

Thai Huong

Chairwoman, TH Group

Ms Thai Huong is known as the one who has a firm stuff and a heart of gold. She has successfully built up the TH brand name “True Happiness” based on a core value of “For the health of people”.

In Vietnam, she has been considered to be a trailblazer of the country’s organic and clean agriculture through an agricultural revolution in which high technologies are applied. Specifically, since 2008, she has developed a $1.2 billion high-tech concentrated dairy and fresh milk production project in the central province of Nghe An’s Nghia Dan district.

This project, which has 45,000 dairy cows, has been listed as the biggest dairy high-tech farm in Asia by the Asia Record Organization. At present, TH accounts for more than 40 per cent of Vietnam’s fresh milk market share and is deploying the “School Milk-For the health of Vietnamese people” programme.

During his state visit to Vietnam a few years ago, Israel’s late President Shimon Peres also paid a visit to TH Group. He told Ms. Thai Huong that: “She had created a fresh milk revolution in Vietnam.”

Ms. Thai Huong has flown to a climax of power as she was named by US’ Forbes magazine as one of Asia’s most powerful businesswomen for several consecutive years, thanks to her laying firm groundwork for Vietnam’s fresh and organic milk and herbal products, and also to her contributions to changing the nature of Vietnam’s milk industry.

In 2016, she was granted the Outstanding Award for Contributions to the Community in UAE’S Dubai, and the Award of Global Commercial Ambassador by the Los Angeles Women Business Association.

TH Group’s TH true MILK-branded products have been given Golden Award for many consecutive years.

In addition to producing milk and foodstuff products, Ms. Thai Huong has also constructed and put into operation many other types of projects such as TH True Care (medical care), TH True Herbal (producing herb-based drinks), TH School (education).

Furthermore, in order to accomplish her dream of bringing Vietnamese fresh milk products further to the world, Ms. Thai Huong has been constructing a a $2.7 billion concentrated dairy and fresh milk production project in Russia. The first dairy cows at this farm will appear in November 2017.

At the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week, with a souvenir of “The Mother’s Statute”, Ms. Thai Huong makes a message of “The Mother for All” – meaning the mother who has brushed away tears and brought smiles and joys to kids. Regardless of races and languages, the Mothers remain the same in their eyes, hearts, and kindness.

And in order to protect the nature, Ms. Thai Huong has also makes another message: “Treasure the Nature, and She will give you everything”.

Thai Huong will speak in Session 11 “Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Growth”.

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