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mark konyn

Mark Konyn

Group Chief Investment Officer, AIA Group Limited.

Mark Konyn is the Group Chief Investment Officer responsible for providing oversight to the management of the investment portfolios of the Group. He is a director of various companies within the Group. He joined the Group in September 2015.

Mark has had a long career in investment management in Asia, spanning the last 27 years. He is considered one of the industry's leading figures having managed businesses in both the institutional and retail segments and worked for a number of well-established global firms including Allianz, Prudential and Fidelity. Prior to joining AIA, Mark was Chief Executive Officer of Cathay Conning Asset Management where he established the company’s leading specialist insurance asset management in the Asian markets.

He has been based in Hong Kong since 1989, having begun his career in London as a quantitative analyst for the UK's largest institutional investor at that time, Prudential Portfolio Managers.

Mark has a First Class (Hons.) degree in Business Administration and a Ph.D. in Risk Analysis. He was a research fellow at University College London and holds a Diploma in Investment Management from the London Business School. Mark is a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and is a member of the FT-Actuaries Global Policy Committee.

Mark Konyn will speak in Session titled “Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Growth”.

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