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Day 9 of SOM 3 and Related Meetings

Third Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM3) and Related Meetings continued the 9th working day with activities of Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), Economic Committee (EC), Budget and Management Committee (BMC), Policy Support Unit (PSU), and Ad-hoc Steering Group on Internet Economy (AHSGIE).

day 9 of som 3 and related meetings

The Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI) organized the Workshop on SMEs’ Integration into Global Value Chains (GVCs) in Logistics. Together with representatives from APEC economies, the workshop saw the participation of businesses from various sectors: technology, fashion design, tourism and logistic services. The workshop aimed at empowering policy makers and regional businesses to facilitate SMEs in logistics through sharing challenges, experience and best practices, making recommendations on strategies and policies to facilitate SMEs’ integration into logistics GVCs, and enhancing SMEs’ participation in logistics for their own sustainable development.

The Ad Hoc Steering Group on Internet Economy (AHSGIE) had its last working day. Discussions of the group focused on the drafting of the APEC Internet Economy Roadmap and the future work programme.

day 9 of som 3 and related meetings

Also today, the Economic Committee (EC) concluded its meeting after two working days. The Committee considered the draft of 2017 APEC Economic Policy Report (AEPR) on Structural Reform and Human Capital Development. Initiated in May, the goal of the report is to provide a snapshot of recent efforts of APEC economies and relevant APEC initiatives on structural reform and human capital development, as well as highlight challenges and reform priorities in these areas. The report will be finalized in September 2017, and it is expected that its recommendations will lay the groundwork for greater regional economic integration and progress towards sustainable and inclusive growth in the APEC region.

Other issues on the agenda of the EC meeting were the draft joint action plan between EC and Financial Senior Officials Meeting (FSOM), progress of Renewed APEC Agenda on Structural Reform, and the OECD’s Guidelines on State-Owned Enterprises Governance. The outcomes of the meeting will be reported to SOM on 29th August.

Today, delegates also attended the Budget and Management Committee (BMC) Meeting, the Policy Support Unit (PSU) Board Meeting and the Workshop on the Contribution of the Pacific Alliance to the Realization of the FTAAP.

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