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dai wei

Dai Wei

Founder and CEO of ofo.

Dai graduated from the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, where he served as the Chairman of Guanghua School Students’ Association and the President of Peking University Students’ Union.

ofo is the world’s first “station-free” bike-sharing platform. Dai co-founded ofo in 2014 when he was studying at Peking University. ofo was created to provide a convenient, efficient and environmentally-friendly way to travel. Under Dai’s leadership, ofo achieved phenomenal growth in the past three years and became the world’s most valuable bike-sharing companies. In 2017, Dai was recognized by Fortune China as “40 Under 40 Business Elite” and “30 Under 30 Asia”.

Dai has been very mindful of social responsibility ever since he was a student. After college graduation, different from most graduates who chose to join big firms and earn a decent salary, Dai spent one year as a volunteer teacher in the poverty-stricken region in Qinghai, China. This experience made him believe that education is the only way to lift people out of poverty and change their destiny. Inspired by this volunteering experience, Dai launched two social campaigns called “West China Athletic Development” and “Chinese Engine of Dreams”, both focused on improving education in West China and helping alleviate poverty there.

Dai Wei will present as the Game Changer on 9 November.

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